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Created On: July 14, 2018

Are you looking for book recommendations? Here's one..a must read psychological thriller
Missing, Presumed Dead by Kiran Manral

Book details:
Missing, Presumed Dead by Kiran Manral
Published by: Amaryllis
Price: Rs 350

About the book: Missing, Presumed Dead is a disturbing look into a broken marriage that has been torn apart by emotional distance and mental illness. The book takes us down scary pathways where we are forced to reckon with ugly truths about love and death, and the loss of everything we hold dear—including ourselves. The novel is a mystery cum drama, packed with all the elements that make a thriller. The reader is left to keep guessing till the very last page!

Exclusive excerpt from the book:

But now, at this moment, who could it be, she wondered? They rarely got any visitors, which was exactly how Prithvi wanted it. Prithvi was not a sociable person, never had been. Over the years, Aisha had slowly withdrawn into herself too. She had her reasons. It was just better that way. Staying in the hurly burly of a city, with neighbours peeking into one’s every day was terrifying. She liked it here, as alone as she wanted to be. There was the internet that kept her company through the long, lonely days, when it was just her and the house.

She got up and moved towards the door, catching a swift, automatic glance at her reflection, as she passed the mirror in the hallway. She was presentable, as always. Being presentable, she had learnt early, was the one thing that kept her sane. And as inscrutable too. She looked through one of the translucent glass panes on either side of the door. A woman stood outside holding onto a duffel bag. She was young, probably in her mid-twenties, around the same height as she was. The woman was looking around, taking in the small patch of garden, the wrought iron chairs and the round table on the veranda. Her face was familiar, with the disturbing unfamiliarity of a stranger one has passed a million times before but with whom one never exchanged a smile or a salutation. Her familiarity was like a whisper of a memory, and for a tremulous moment, slick with the promise of revelation.

She opened the door a smidgeon, after slipping on the safety chain, ‘Yes?’ ‘Aisha appa? I’m Heer,’ said the woman, a statement spoken with the certainty that the name would be recognised. For a moment, the world went black before Aisha’s eyes. She gripped the small table at the side of the door, with an uncontrollably shaking hand. Her knuckles turned white from the grip on the wood. ‘Why are you here?’ she asked, feeling an indeterminate dizziness that could only mean her blood pressure had skyrocketed. It was like looking at herself through a time machine, seeing herself as she had been over a decade ago. She had seen those eyes before.

Accolade for the book:
“A gripping and sinister tale. Kiran Manral holds you with every page.” - Ashwin Sanghi

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